We can’t dockerize  
your manager.

Automating a few tasks, unfortunately, may not take
you far in your DevOps journey. Hidden organizational
issues may threaten DevOps and decrease your chance
of success. kloia Digital Transition Program increases
the lasting impact of DevOps in your organization

Impactful Digital Transition in Three Steps

kloia is a new-era consultancy company who is an accelerator for closing the technology gap
through the adoption of modern practices in Cloud,  DevOps and Microservices.

kloia Digital Transition Program consists of three simple steps that prepare your team and your
organization for a succesful DevOps journey. through the adoption of modern practices in Cloud,  DevOps and Microservices.

Quick, fun, joint effort to identify
priorities and initiatives that have
the biggest pay-offs.

Done within days

Multi-method inspection of the
organization and the technical
infrastructure to determine a
plan of action.

Done within weeks

Transitioning the architecture and
processes based on the action plan.

Step 1: Orient

Choosing the right projects to start your DevOps journey is critical. We help you turn a large
number of projects, key metrics, and management direction into a high-level digital transition
roadmap and a list of success factors, within days.

Step 2: Assess

Once you know where to start, taking the first step can be challenging. We help you start your
DevOps journey with the right steps with a deep, methodological assessment. You will be ready
within a few weeks.

Assessment in 8 Dimensions

A strong digital transition progresses along 8 dimensions. We analyse your organization for each
dimension in detail to highlight strengths and potential risks.

1.  Culture
2.  Product Development
3.  Agile Practices
4.  Architecture

5.  Build & Deploy
6.  Quality Assurance
7.  Reporting
8.  DevSecOps

Our Rich Set of Methods

Some companies send simple surveys and then hold a crowded meeting to ask you the same
questions again. We use a rich set of multi-disciplinary methods tailored to your company’s
needs to assess your strengths, opportunities and risk areas, on-site.

Understanding the People

• Stakeholder Interviews
• Surveys
• Team Interviews
• Diary Studies
• Field Immersion
• Ethnographic Studies
• Persona / Archetypes 


• Business Model Canvas
• Value Stream Mapping
• Customer Journeys
• Service Blueprinting
• Mental Models 

Technical Foundations

• Continuous Delivery 
Maturity Model
• Architectural              
• Code Quality Assessment
• Distributed Architectures 
• Microservices
• Event Sourcing

Evaluating Objectively

• Opportunity Assessments
• Heuristic Evaluation
• Usability Tests
• Task Analysis
• Clickstream Analysis
• Prototyping
• Multivariate Testing
• On-task/Intercept Surveys
• Benchmarking

Generating Alternatives

• Ideation Workshops
• Design Sprints
• Product Clinics
• User Story Workshops
• Design Studios
• How Might We Sessions

Focusing on What Matters

• Priority Matrix
• Roadmap Workshops
• Story Maps
• Kano Modelling

Moving on with a Plan

Within a few weeks, we create a detailed overview to move forward with your transition.

1.  Suggested Next Steps / Plan of Action
2.  Opportunities & Risks
3.  Tensions & Conflicts

4.  Roles and Responsibilities
5.  Organizational Recommendations
6.  Key Performance Indicators

Step 3: Transition

Once we have a solid plan, we start enabling end-to-end DevOps best
practices in your organization to reduce cost and increase productivity